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Tennessee Solar Power Information


State of TN Solar Resource Map



Tennessee Solar Institute - Non profit organization that seeks to educate and promote the use of solar power to individuals and businesses in the state.


State Energy Program -  Information from the Department of Economic and Community Development displays grants, industry news and describes the Solar Institute / innovations taking place in the field.



DESIRE - Extensive number of links to federal, state and local solar incentives such as grants, rebates, tax credits and low interest rate loans.


Buy Green Power - List of utility companies that make clean electricity from wind, sun and water for purchase by consumers.


OCEAN - Residential and commercial construction building codes.


DoE - US Dept. of Energy supplies resource maps, statistics, industry news and notable projects / activities in TN.


SEIA - (Solar Energy Industries Association) Displays facts, installer / contractor info and policies that apply to the solar industry.


Natural Resources Defense Counsel - General information about renewable power in Tenn. and links to related websites / documents.


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