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Michigan Solar Power Information


State of MI Solar Resource Map



Michigan.Gov - Official state website contains information on solar programs, case studies and related publications.


LARA - (Licensing and Regulator Affairs) Documents the Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act passed into legislation in 2008 that retail electric supplies be provided by %10 renewable energy by 2015.  The site contains efforts underway to achieve this aim.



DESIRE - Database lists federal, state and local incentives, rebates and tax credit for those wishing to install solar power systems.  Also has financing, regulation and initiatives info.


NRDC - (Natural Resources Defenses Counsel) Discusses renewable energy in the state of MI.


Buy Green Power -  List of utility companies that provide electricity made by utilizing renewable methods including solar, wind and water.


OCEAN - Uniform energy code for homes and businesses


DOE Clean Energy - Provides statistics, resource maps and news pertaining to solar power.


Net Metering - Interconnection program established for individuals to sell power back to the Utilities.


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