Residential Solar Powered Products & Information


DIY Solar Power Projects


Kentucky Solar Power Information


State of KY Solar Resource Map



Kentucky Solar Partnership - Provides news and information about the solar industry in KY.  Lists contactors, energy guides and case studies.


Energy KY Gov - Division of Renewables: info about interconnecting to resell power and state incentive programs.  Also contains links to official educational and consumer solar resources.



DESIRE - Database of federal, state and local rebates, tax credits and financing related to the purchase of solar power products for the home.


OCEAN - Residential and commercial building codes.


Buying Green Energy - Available utilities that provide solar, wind and hydroelectricity for consumer purchase.


Dept of Energy - Projects and activities, resource maps and news relating to solar power in the state of Kentucky.


KY Solar Society - Educates and informs people about the use & conservation of sustainable power sources.


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