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Illinois Solar Power Information


State of IL Solar Resource Map



IL Dept of Commerce - Grants and rebates associated with the use of renewable & sustainable energy sources.


ISEA - Non-profit organization that promotes consumer education and adoption of solar electricity in Illinois.  Org is active in lobbying for positive policy and laws regarding clean PV & thermal power.



DESIRE - Links to state and city offered incentive programs, tax credits and rebates.  Also has sections dealing with regulations and financing.


OCEAN - IL energy conservation codes and facts.


Buy Green Power - List of utility companies, that consumers can purchase electricity from, that produce power with sustainable methods like solar, wind and hydro.


DEO Clean Energy - Provides statistical data, resource maps and industry news.


Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation - Offers grants to non-profits and state / local agencies through monies from Commonwealth Edison to promote clean power and energy efficiency.


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