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Due to the favorable conditions for solar power generation in the State of Florida there are many programs and rebates available to encourage homeowners to take advantage of their natural surroundings.  I've listed some of the major resources for residents below.


DESIRE - Database administered by the NC Solar Center lists information about financial incentives, policies / regulations and related programs.  Site is a must view for anyone considering a solar power setup in FL.


flaSEREF - (Florida Solar Energy Research & Education Foundation)  Provides information on tax exemptions, the Sunbuilt program and finding qualified solar installers.



SEIA - (Solar Energy Industries Association)  Website displays facts, policies and notable installations related to Forida's solar industry.


DOE - Has statistics, renewables resource maps and news.


Buying Green - List of providers of sustainable power through hydroelectricity, wind turbines and solar panels.


FSEC - Solar power education resource.


Enterprise Florida - Economic Development Organization info regarding clean power techniques  in the state.


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