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If you are fortunate enough to live in sunny California, you should definitely take advantage of the natural and abundant renewable resources available to you.  Solar power is something that the state promotes heavily and they offer many programs and incentives to encourage people to take advantage of free energy production for their homes.  Many local cities / municipalities also offer rebates and other savings for those who purchase solar power systems or upgrade their homes energy efficiency.  The list below is only a fraction of the resources available residents of CA but they should give you a good starting point to find relevant information.



DESIRE - Comprehensive list of resources including state & local incentives, building codes and financing options.


Buying Green Power - List of places you can buy power created from renewable sources like solar, wind and hydro.


DOE - Maps, stats and projects relating to environmentally friendly energy in CA.


Go Solar California - State initiative for solar power installation assistance.  Helps people get energy audits, find installation companies and collect state offered rebates.


Energy Commission - Renewable energy programs overview.


Public Utilities Commission - State solar initiative info.


Solar Permitting Guidebook (.pdf) - This document provides current laws, codes and regulations associated with installing solar power systems.


Center for Sustainable Energy - Facts, news and programs for homeowners.


Grid Alternatives - Provides upfront rebates to assist low income families participation in solar power projects under the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) program.


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