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Solar power in the State of Arizona is a hot topic do to it's favorable sun conditions.  There are many government and city incentives to promote the use of renewable energy sources.  Do to the popularity of solar in AZ, information is readily available by a simple web search, so I've included just a few of the biggest resources.  The links below apply to a residence and not necessarily business.


Residential Solar Energy Credit (.pdf) - Receive credit for up to 25% on the cost of your solar power system with a maximum of $1,000.


Arizona Solar Center - Site contains just about anything you could want to know about solar energy in the state.  The link I've provide is directed at tax breaks.



Green Power - Places you can purchase electricity that provide it through renewable resources like wind, hydroelectric and solar.


DOE - Stats, maps and policies from the Department of Energy.


AZ Energy Gov - Official information about alternative energy resources, policies and programs.


DESIRE - Comprehensive database on incentives and policies that support solar and alternative energy sources.


Local City / Town Programs

Energize Phoenix


Tucson (Solar Permit Waivers for 2013)



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